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Riello's family established AERMEC Company since 1963 to compete in the planning, development and manufacturing so it had achieved the EUROVENT certificate. The brand name gains a stronghold as a major product name in Italy and throughout Europe. The sixties see the development of AERMEC and in parallel the development of Italian air condition equipment. It's at the cutting edge with innovative solutions and became competitive to the International and American Companies.
In 1970 AERMEC can already supply fresh and warm air within the first split system and Fan coil production starts in specialist completely automated manufacturer in order of that Aermec has become contacted with technology and high quality.
The nineties mark the definitive consolidation of the company on the global market and the AERMEC brand is associated with advanced technology and high quality design.
The company consolidated its leader in the production of chiller by lower of sound emission, low noise and use of special filters that remove the smallest particles from the environment rendering, healthier that agreeable to chiller working in all climatic condition band arrived the outside temperature degree 48 C° and in special cases till 52 C° .
All that has been done in AERMEC factory in Italy, in different capacity and size to meet the international market.

Chiller working capacity arrived till 457 ton (Cooling) with several capacities in two types (evaporator and compressor)
1- ANL: (air cooled water chiller)
2- NRL: (Air cooled water chiller)
3- NS  : (Air cooled water chiller) 
The compressor (Screw or Scroll) or evaporator (Shell & Tube) or Plate as well as the gas friend environment (R134a, R410A) 

Fan Coil:
The company consolidated its production of fan coil in different attractive form and lower of sound emission design for domestic application and strong growth in the field of high powered air conditioning system for the entire commercial and industrial field. Fan Coil production is completely automated in the following types:
FCX A: floor & wall with cover
FCX P: ceiling without cover
FCX U: ceiling with cover.
F.C     : cassette
Ts & TA: high pressure
FCW   : wall installation with remote control

Roof Top Package Unit: using the gas friend environment (R410A, R407C)
1- RTA:
2- RTF:
Multi Split System (MDS):
Duct Split (LC):

Considering that the average of noise is lower than other companies tested. In AERMEC laboratories where is in the same plant