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Ideal Clima Boiler – Italy-
It is made of the best quality iron that has ISO & N.F. International Certificate and available in three types:
 - Teda    : 20.000 – 71.600 K Cal/h
 - Logica    : 26.600 – 60.300 K Cal/h
 - MidiLogica : 70.500 – 189.190 K Cal/h
As well as it manufacture the towel radiators with different sizes (high & width), steel painting, thermal treatment that resistance the rust, high temperature and all the humidity effects.

Ideal Clima Radiators:

- Type TEMA is available in 16 different sizes, suitable for all walls and windows designs, saving its place in the local and international market since seventies and is made from the best quality of Iron in Italy that enables it to get the following certificates:
 UNI , ISO, NF 76, 442

- Type Contract: