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Ideal Standard French Company
Ideal Standard French Company is one of Baxi Group which is well-known in the central heating field especially in the cast iron & steel boiler.
The cast iron boiler GG 20 is considering one of the best qualities in the world with the highest capacity till 720.000 K Cal/ h.
-  It has made on three types which are:
    1) CRYSALIS    : 30.000 – 68.800 K Cal /h
    2) CX 2300    : 111.800 - 291.000 K Cal/h
    3) CX 2400    : 352.000 – 720.000 K Cal/h
    4) STEEL    : 85.000 – 3.000.000 K Cal/h

  1) Maximum working pressure : 8 bar
  2) Thickness and weight of section.
  3) The thickness and weight of the sections in the boiler helped to carry to work for long hours even in the most adverse conditions.

Ideal Standard Burner:
Ideal Standard is the only factory that manufactured the burner identical to boiler and to meet all the market requirements (Domestic, Industrial) with high quality and all the high capacity for Boiler.