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Ecofalm Burner – Italy
It is one of the International companies that have acquired the confidence of the global market in short time, manufacturing as its characteristic of burner, easy maintenance with less cast and facility installation in several ways solving the tight place problem and fuel using. Some type of boiler works by oil or Gas or fuel and other type works as mutual like fuel & oil or fuel & Gas.
- Oil Burner is available in several capacities:
  - MAIOR : 35 – 350 Kg/h
  - Max    : 1.5 – 27 Kg/h
-  Gas Burner is available in several type:
  - MAX gas
  - BLUE
- Fuel Burner:
  - Type OIL FLAM.
ECOFLAM can meet the large enterprise requirement by manufacturing the different & high capacity in term of the oil using and the large Gas stations taking into the consideration that some of Syrian Station has provided by this burners.