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Pex - C / Aluminum / Pex -C : Sizes: From 14mm to 90mm
Press Fittings (Stainless Steel & PVDF) Brass Press Fittings
USES: *Sanitary *Hot & Cold Water *Drinking Water *Gas *Floor Heating *Radiator
ADVANTAGES: *Resistant to temperature and pressure (The working temperature can be up to 95°C, and the maximum working pressure 16 bar.) *Minimum linear expansion *Resistant to corrosion *Retains its shape *Resistant to wear *Fully sealed against oxygen and water vapour (diffusion) *Lightweight (which means fast and simple assembly) *Long life (50 Years Life Time) *No noise problems *From drinking water (in accordance with 98/83/EC) to chemical liquids *Bendable Pipes (Reduce the usage of fittings)
ALSO Henco Multi - Layer Pipes and Pex-C Pipes
Supplied by Senjab Insulations & Building Maintenance & HVAC IN DUBAI UAE